Comparison between

Comparison between oral and written lease agreement for apartments

Getting apartment in Durham may not always require you to have a written agreement of lease with your landlord but you surely have to have some kind of agreement for this purpose. An oral agreement can replace your written agreement in some situations while renting an apartment in all parts of the Nashville city. You have to make sure that you follow all the legal terms before getting an apartment for rent because this thing can save you from having serious headaches of legal problems as well as lawyer fees. While living in downtown durham apartments, you will need to know and get your rights from your landlords on regular basis because a lot of things can happen in renting.

The state of Tennessee has specific rule about having oral agreements and there are different advantages and disadvantages associated with renting in Durham. An oral agreement will not be enough when you rent an apartment for more than one year because state law does not allow this. You have to be sure of all the laws of state when you get any apartment based in Durham because they will be helping you and supporting you in the state of severe need. A good tenant will always have all his terms written down as well as signed by his landlord but this may not be the thing preferred by our landlord in certain situations. An oral agreement can be enforced properly if there is any witness to support you in a certain situation.

There is no problem that can arise in enforcement of your oral agreement but the problem that you will have to face in this situation is always about proving this agreement. You will have no proof related to the fact that you and your landlord agreed on a thing while having the oral agreement. Your landlord may forget some clauses of your agreement or he can also deny them if he has fraudulent intention. You will have to save every receipt of your repairs and maintenance work done by the landlord because this thing will save you the trouble in proving that he has been doing this earlier.

A written agreement is preferred by tenants when they do not know whether they will be able to fulfil every requirement of their agreement perfectly. Renters will not be able to escape from even a little thing that they decide in the written agreement and this can cause penalties. A written agreement will have details about rent price, rent due date and many other things like the person responsible for repair and maintenance. A written agreement will be a self proof for everything that the both parties have decided between each other. You will not have to get any professional legal help in order to get the decided benefits from your legal agreement because written agreements are easy to prove and enforce in court without any lawyer. It may also decrease your benefits like the increase of penalty chances on the breach of contract if it happens from your side.